Safety Match

Conventional Wooden Box Matches

Asia Match Company is Where Skilled craftsmen continue to produce wooden matches the conventional way.Though most manufacturers have shifted to producing folding box matches owing to economies of mechanization, our strength lies in offering hand made wooden matches in various sizes of boxes and splints based on customer's requirements.

Box Board Matches

The match industry used to make outer and inner boxes from wood using a complicated process. Gradually the industry replaced it with card board since it allowed the use of high speed equipments. The outer boxes made of card board afford a better presentation of the box with multi-coloured printing with or without lamination (glossy or matt). Friction is printed either as honeycomb pattern or in solid.

We can offer any size of box containing any number of sticks. Size of aticks ranges from 36mm to 50mm. Packing is usually in 10s with paper and 100s in poly. Master packing can either be 600 or 1000.

Household Matches

Household matches commonly used in kitchens are entirely different from smoker's matches. Household match boxes are large and bulky that usually hold 200 to 300 sticks and sometimes even more.

Housewives regard this as a convenient size as it can last long.
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